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Apex CEO/Founder

Our Start

Since my early days as a boy growing up in So. Calif. I’ve been interested in “building”. From model cars and motocross bikes to 3-D models and architecture, it was all good. So after completing school, a stint in the Navy, and working in construction, I landed a position in the Oil & Gas industry designing production facilities. My passion continued.

Following a lengthy career in the oil industry I decided to try something different. What began as a hobby soon turned into a new passion. It didn’t take long to spot a valuable connection between this emerging (drone) technology and the construction, energy, and insurance industries. The possibilities were virtually endless.

So began my mission to launch Apex Aerial Imaging. It has been challenging at times but also very rewarding personally. I’ve enjoyed exploring the technology, forming new business relationships, and working with some talented teams.  We’re very excited about the journey ahead. 

 -Roger J. McCoy


Our Strengths


Our drone pilots are certified, trained, and ready to handle your projects with a focus on safety and professionalism. We continuously train personnel and test/update our equipment to insure successful project results.


We have the skills to effectively use this emerging technology to help our clients make their operations safer and more efficient. In addition, we promote continuous improvement by looking for new methods and tools to strengthen all areas of our operations.


We offer a host of aerial imaging applications to help you meet your current and future needs. We understand our role to help eliminate problems and improve efficiencies for our clients. Checkout our Services page for more details.

Working With Us

Best company. Strengths. Top rated. Qualified.


Why Apex Aerial Imaging?
We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. You can also be confident that we operate with safety as our highest priority. This protects you from exposure and liability common with unlicensed or unqualified operators.

Why should I hire Apex Aerial Imaging vs other companies?
Apex Aerial Imaging is licensed, insured, and qualified to handle a wide variety of projects. We take pride in our work, we enjoy what we do, but we also take it very seriously. If we can’t add value for our clients then we don’t deserve their business.

Professional. Legal. Licensed. Certified. Insurance.

Professional & Legal

Why should I use Apex Aerial Imaging when my nephew has a drone and won't even charge me? 

We are certified, licensed, and insured so you can trust that you're working with "professionals". We maintain a fleet of the latest equipment to handle your small, medium, or large projects... it's not a "hobby" or "side-job" for us.

Note: The FAA has begun cracking down on unlicensed drone operators handing out substantial fines. Anyone hiring an unlicensed drone operator can be fined $11K per incident. The operator can also be fined $1,100 per incident. If a person (or organization) has their own unlicensed drone then they are responsible for BOTH fines.   

Safe. Best. Fast. Cost. Advantages.

Safety, Better, Cheaper

Why use aerial photography/video for your next project? 

Because it's safer, more flexible, faster, and cost-effective. Aerial imaging (via drones) gives you access to areas that are otherwise difficult or even impossible to reach. You definitely gain a unique perspective of your project from above.   

How much is this going to cost? 

Prices are fair, negotiable and available upon request. Professional services at competitive rates. You'll find that drone technology is typically much cheaper than traditional methods.


FAA Part 107. Remote Pilot. Certification.

FAA Certification

The Federal Aviation Administration has published its regulations for small drones, a key move toward integrating commercial use of the technology into America’s airspace.

The Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule (Part 107) was finalized by the FAA and Department of Transportation on June 21 and published in the Federal Register Tuesday. The rule went into effect Aug. 29, 2016. 

Apex Aerial Imaging LLC is a licensed and insured operator.

FLIR. Infrared Thermography. Certification. ASNT.

FLIR Certification (Infrared Thermography)

We hold current certification from ITC to perform all types of thermal inspections specializing in the use of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS).


Infrared Thermography Certification (ITC) is the gold-standard  qualification within the thermography industry. ITC certifications exceed the requirements of international infrared  certification standards. All ITC courses are developed and taught by  ASNT-certified instructors with advanced academic degrees and extensive  field experience.

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